Independent spaces at your fingertips

Create a workspace

When you make an account with the Projectify app you will automatically have one workspace created for you as part of the onboarding.

To create more workspaces visit this URL. Go through the onboarding process there one more time to create a new workspace.

Switch workspaces

To switch between workspaces, click the workspace dropdown in the side menu. This will open up a context menu where you can switch between different workspaces associated with your account. The workspace dropdown is the topmost in the side menu.

Workspace settings

To go to workspace settings, click the workspace ellipsis button (...) next to the workspace dropdown button button in the side menu. This will open up a context menu where you can access the current workspaces settings page.

The workspace settings consist of four pages:

  • General,
  • Team members,
  • Billing, and
  • Quota,

General provides information on your current workspace such as the name of the workspace. Team members allows you to add, edit permissions and delete team members. Billing provides a way for you to amend your account billing details. Quota shows you how many more items you can create in your Projectify workspace.

To learn more about the team members page, visit the team members help.

To learn more about the billing page, visit the billing help.

To learn more about the quota page, visit the workspace quota help.

Delete a workspace

We are working on implementing self-service workspace deletion and apologize for the inconvenience. For now, please send us an email here and tell us which workspace you would like to delete: