Your first steps towards productivity

What is a workspace?

A workspace is an area where you can create projects, tasks, labels and invite various members of your organization as team members. In a workspace you can set permissions and customize the overall look and feel of your productivity center.

For more information on workspaces please see the workspaces help.

What is a project?

A project in your workspace is something that you would like to work on. In a paid workspace, you can create unlimited projects and have the freedom to rename and organize them. Completed boards can be archived to remove clutter from your workspace.

For more information on boards please see the projects help.

What is a section?

A section is a category inside a project that you can divide tasks into. Popular categories in a Kanban-style project are the following:

  • ‘To do’,
  • ‘In progress’, and
  • ‘Done’.

Sections can be moved and edited freely inside a project.

For more information on sections please see the sections help.

What is a task?

A task is a step in your project that needs to be completed. Tasks can be assigned to any team member in your workspace. Labels and detailed information can be applied to tasks. For every task that is created, a unique task number is assigned to it for ease of reference and searching.

Tasks can be further divided into sub tasks - sub tasks are great for keeping track of micro achievements per task. Due dates can also be set for tasks that need to be completed on a due date.

For more information on tasks please see the tasks help.

How to use the side menu

The side menu allows for full control of your workspace and projects.

You are able to switch between workspaces or boards through this menu. Filtering between team members and labels can also be performed here. Workspace settings such as permissions and billing can be accessed from this menu.

The menu can be viewed in full expanded mode or in collapsed mode.