Solutions for every type of user

Explore the different ways users are using Projectify to meet due dates, reach targets and be productive.

An illustration showing users of different backgrounds
Our mascot Poly sitting in front of a computer, developing software and looking content

Development teams

Monitor team progress throughout the whole software lifecyle.

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Two content looking Polys (our mascot) researching in a laboratory and taking down notes on a chalkboard


Keep track of testing processes and results with incredible detail.

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Two Polys in a factory pointing at machines symbolized by huge gears. The mascot on the left holds a wrench.

Project management

Faciliate rapid delivery across multiple projects for any industry.

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Our mascot Poly celebrating their graduation from an educiational institution, wearing an academic dress, throwing a square academic cap into the air

Academic endeavours

Structure a thesis, organise a project or keep track of assignments.

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Our mascot Poly working at the beach looking happy

Remote work

Asynchronous communication whether you're at home or away.

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Our mascot Poly thinking about all the things they want to do, among them being running, taking pictures and eating something tasty, each thing symbolized by a thought bubble

Personal use

Log an exercise routine, create a new diet or plan an adventure. The possibilities are endless.

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