Project management solutions

How project managers can use Projectify to efficiently manage tasks, projects and team members of their team.

Two Polys in a factory pointing at machines symbolized by huge gears. The mascot on the left holds a wrench.

An ethical approach to management

View how many tasks a team member has assigned to them, so the workload can be divided equally. Filter by team member to see what individual colleagues are working on.

An illustration showing how Projectify displays each team members assigned task count

Full control of your workspaces

List and column views allow you to organise workflows and see the bigger picture. Split your workspace into projects to enable multi-project management. Filter by labels, users or keyboards to focus on specific tasks.

An illustration showing a collapsed dashboard side bar and various team members and labels

Permissions to control access

Make sure nothing important gets deleted. With permission roles - Owner, Maintainer, Contributor and Observer, you can be safe in knowing there won't be any accidentally data loss.

An illustration of a settings screen showing team members belonging to a team member and their role within the workspace. The illustration also shows a button allowing filtering by role and another button letting a user invite new team members