Fast and easy-to-use project management tool

    Simple design that even beginners can use
    Easy to organize tasks to do now
    Easy to grasp the entire project at a glance
    100% open source software

Common Problem

Various problems occur when working.

I can’t concentrate on important work.

My job begins with finding the information I need by email or chat. If I have many tasks, I may not know which one is the most important.

The tools I'm currently using are complicated and difficult to use.

I am not satisfied with the operability of the current tool. Task sharing is inefficient and difficult to manage.

I don't know if the team is moving towards the goal.

I don't even know if the project is going well because I don't know the whole situation.

Resolve By Projectify

A design that allows you to simply group tasks together and share them quickly.

UI that makes it easy to see the entire task
Easy to organize tasks to do now
Easily organize what you need to do in the future

Projectify is 100% open source software

Currently 4 people are participating in the project. Projectify has a more active development community.

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