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Warp drive your way to success with software that helps you to collaborate on and manage projects efficiently, with speed.

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An illustration showing the look and feel of tasks in Projectify's user interface

Everything you need to stay organized and deliver faster

The go-to project management tool for developers.

Task cards that are accessible and keyboard friendly

No more drag and drop disasters! Create and move tasks around the board with ease and speed. Organize and prioritize your workload with peace of mind.

A screenshot from the Projectify dashboard showing how the interface can be used without drag and drop

Transform mammoth tasks into smaller, feasible ones

Sub tasks break up the workload to allow for large tasks and progress to become more realistic and achievable. Add, reorder, edit and delete limitless sub tasks.

A screenshot from a task in the Projectify UI showing how sub tasks can be assigned to tasks

Full control of your workspaces

List and column views allow you to organize workflows and see the bigger picture. Split your workspace into projects to enable multi-project management. Filter by labels, team members, or keywords to focus on specific tasks.

An illustration showing how tasks can be filtered by team members or labels

Responsive for on-the-go

Need to access your projects while away from the office? No app. No problem. A fully responsive experience to stay connected and keep projects on track.

An illustration of a smartphone showing the Projectify UI in a landscape orientation.

Meeting diverse needs with practical solutions.

From companies big and small to individuals working alone, Projectify can be used to manage all kinds of tasks.

We never sell your data. Ever.

Our platform fully complies with GDPR regulations, amongst others, so you can be rest assured that your private information stays private.

An illustration showing our mascot Poly safekeeping your data

Projectify is 100% Free Software

We respect your freedom and privacy and provide you the source code under a Free Software license. The Projectify application is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3.0 or later.

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