Personal solutions

How people can use Projectify for everyday life, whether it be keeping track fo your health or creating an itinerary for a trip.

Our mascot Poly thinking about all the things they want to do, among them being running, taking pictures and eating something tasty, each thing symbolized by a thought bubble

Create tasks with ease

Organise your tasks into individual projects with sections such as 'To do', 'In progress' and 'Done'. Provide descriptions for each task and set due dates. Labels simplify the process of catergorizing tasks.

An illustration showing a 'To do' and 'Done' section, showing personal tasks that a user assigned to themselves, such as 'Book a ticket to Paris' or 'Learn French for beginners'

Check off sub tasks as you go

Need to plan an event? Want to create a list of achievements? Sub tasks help you to check off small tasks bit by bite.

An illustration showing various sub tasks that a user has created within a task, such as 'Swim freestyle for 10 lengths'

Add friends and family to your space

Get everyone on the same page by assigning task to different team members.

An illustration showing how different tasks in the 'In progress' section of a project have been assigned to friends and family. The tasks are 'Trim back overgrown hedges', 'Polish wooden furnishings', and 'Replace extractor fan grating'