Trial workspace

How to set up a trial workspace

Trial workspace

With a trial workspace, you can try Projectify without any time limitations or having to enter your credit card data. This help page will explain how to create a trial workspace, get started using it and then upgrade it to a paid workspace.

Signing up for a trial workspaces

You can sign up for a trial workspace by creating a new account on the sign up page. There, you can enter the email address and password used for you account, and after submitting you will be asked to confirm your email address by clicking a link you will receive by email shortly after.


When you confirm your email address, you can create a new workspace during the onboarding process. If you would like to restart the onboarding at any time, you can do so by visiting the onboarding page.

During onboarding you will be asked to give your new workspace a name, and create your first project, task and so on.

Using the trial workspace

After the onboarding finishes, you can start using your trial workspace. You can add other team members by going to the team member settings. You can add new projects, sections, and tasks, and use all the other features available in Projectify.

Within a trial, certain limits will apply to your workspace, such as how many team members you will be able to add, or how many projects and tasks and so on you can create. Please review the workspace quota help for more information on this.

Upgrading to a paid workspace

If you want to turn your trial workspace into a paid workspace, you can subscribe from the billing settings page in your workspace settings. With a paid workspace, you can add as many items (projects, tasks, and so on) as you want to, and as many team members as you have added seats to your workspace.

The exact usage quotas that apply to paid workspaces are described in the workspace quota help paid workspace section.