Divide up roles between team members

Roles can be assigned to team members within a workspace by going to the workspace settings. In this document, you will learn the different available roles and what permissions are included in a role.

Available roles

There are 4 different roles available to be assigned to a team member. They are listed here starting with the role with the fewest permissions:

  1. Observer
  2. Contributor
  3. Maintainer
  4. Owner

That means that owners have the most permissions, and observers have the least. You can assign team members in your workspace a role that suits the activities that they will perform on your workspace. To better explain what roles can do, it is important to understand the available resources in a workspace.

The resources and their contained information that team members can perform actions are as follows:

Resource Contains information such as
Workspace Title and description
Workspace billing settings Current subscription status and payment information
Team members and invites Who has been added to the workspace, and who is invited
Project Description and other information about a project
Sections Name, position within project
Tasks Title, description, due date, label, assignee, and position
Sub tasks Done state and title
Labels Name and color


The following is a quick overview over all permissions. Each role's permissions are further described in the individual sections below. The meaning of an individual cell in this table is as follows:

  • Read indicates that a team member with this role can view the resource, but not make any changes to it
  • Write indicates that a team member with this role can create, view, and update the resource, but not delete it.
  • Full indicates that a team member with this role can view, update and delete the resource.
  • Cells with a - indicate that no permissions exist for this resource and role.
Resource Observer Contributor Maintainer Owner
Workspace Read Read Read Full
Workspace billing settings - - - Full
Team members and invites Read Read Read Full
Project Read Read Full Full
Sections Read Read Full Full
Tasks Read Write Full Full
Sub tasks Read Full Full Full
Labels Read Read Full Full


Observer team members can view almost all available resources, except for workspace billing settings. They can not create, update, or delete any of the other resources. This role is suitable for outside users who want to observer the progress of a project, but do not need to commit any changes themselves.


On top of the observer permissions, a contributor team member has the following additional permissions in their workspace:

  • They can create and update tasks
  • They can create, update and delete sub tasks

More importantly, they do not gain any additional delete permissions for the above two resources, or any other edit permissions for projects, sections, labels, users, billing settings, and the workspace itself.


With the maintainer team member role, the following activities become possible, on top of the contributor permissions:

  • Create, update and delete projects
  • Create, update and delete sections
  • Create, update and delete labels
  • Delete tasks

Owner role

With the owner team member role, a user gains the following permissions on top of the maintainer permissions:

  • Update or delete the workspace
  • Update billing settings
  • Invite team members, update their information and remove them

Choosing the right role

Depending on what activities a team member will perform, you can choose the correct role for them. Not every team member will need the same access to all resources, and this can often prevent accidental deletion of important data.

Review the available roles and their permissions above and go to the workspace settings to assign them to a team member. For more information on how to do this, please refer to the team members help page.